1st Aid International is a proven leader in executive medical recruiting, providing access to the best candidates. All of our services are provided in a fast, efficient, hassle-free manner to enable you to focus on growing your business.


 Our Key Steps to a Successful Hire

Over the past twenty-five years, 1st Aid International has developed a unique and proven process for recruiting top performers in any industry. Our time-tested recruiting process involves ten key steps in a full service search:

• Making sure we understand your business, the culture, the competitors, the challenges, expectations, concerns, and strategic objectives for the search.
• Presenting you a preliminary set of ‘hot candidates’ to ensure we're in agreement upon what constitutes a "qualified" candidate.
• Pre-qualifying, pre-screening, and pre-closing top candidate’s selection and backup candidates via our own research and interviews.
• Providing you detailed summary on the short-list of candidate’s we've determined to be best qualified and most interested.
• Isolate any issues and recommending next steps and other action items.
• Assisting with your selections, interviews, and negotiation process, as needed.
• Facilitating a candidate transition strategy and monitoring the candidate's resignation process.
• Delivering full documentation of the process, including a complete database of candidates considered, market compensation data, and a record of our research results.
• Following up to assure total satisfaction.

The 1st Aid International team, not only help our clients fill their executive needs, we also maintain long-standing business partnerships, a recruiting partner to assist you in the growth of your team. Each placement is a continuation of that integral relationship – our team, helping to grow your team. Matching the ideal candidate to their ideal job is what we do best, recruiting highly specialized medical professionals to fill your vacancy. 1st Aid International has developed a proactive recruitment plan to attract and monitor all recruiting activities. This plan can be customized and individually utilised to meet the specific needs of our clients. 



Name Generation Research Client Specific Recruiting Plan

Recruiting is the core part of our business. 1st Aid International makes every effort to attract the best candidates available in today’s competitive job market. We have adopted a unique and multi-faceted approach to recruiting, targeted to meet your specific requirements. When the need for a top-level medical executive arises, 1st Aid International is best suited to act on your behalf during the executive search process.


How 1st Aid International Conducts Your Search

Initial Client Meeting/Position/Organisation Analysis

There is no one "best" candidate to fill a position. 1st Aid International looks for individuals who will fit into your organisation and culture. In order to thoroughly understand your organisation, we review all available organisation materials that are relevant to the overall understanding of your services, goals and long-range plans. We also interview the Hiring Managers and other appropriate individuals to gather relevant data. This helps us develop an accurate position profile that will ensure that we understand your expectations and properly target our recruitment efforts. This process allows for up-to-date information sharing with potential candidates and allows us to act as an external extension of your organisation.


Since the very best candidates are normally not seeking a job change, we directly recruit qualified candidates to encourage interest in your position. In addition, we search through our extensive database of resumes, organisations and identified "leaders" in their fields for potential candidates and referral sources and networks with established contact developed through our many years in conducting similar assignments.

Candidate Evaluation and Assessment

To properly identify the best qualified candidates, we match the criteria developed with your organisation to the backgrounds and experience of the individuals being considered. We perform extensive background checks, including references, to avoid misrepresentation and to help you determine which of the recommended candidate’s best suits your needs. This includes documentation of objective factors such as education and experience as well as subjective factors such as management style, abilities and personal attributes. We evaluate and update, when appropriate, candidate resumes to clearly reflect all relevant experience and also complete an assessment evaluation with the top candidates prior to recommendation for final interview with your organisation.

Special Assistance

To ensure the timely completion of the recruitment effort, we routinely provide services to you which include arranging the interview schedules for final candidates; advising on housing, relocation trends and employment packages, including salary and fringe benefits; acting as a liaison in discussing offers and counteroffers; talking with spouse or significant others, when appropriate; and conducting final reference checks with previous employers and co-workers. This process assists in a candidate being able to make quality decisions and to join your organisation.

The Client's Role

1st Aid International search process requires an exceptionally close working relationship with your organisation. You have a very important role in the recruitment process. We are not a substitute for your organisation and, while we may identify and recommend qualified candidates, it is you who must make the final decision regarding the candidate who is to become your employee.

In order to ensure that only the most qualified candidates are available to choose from, you should be willing to clearly inform us about matters relevant to the search. All confidential matters will remain confidential. Anticipated changes in your organisation that my affect the overall organisational goals and impact the position being recruited for must be communicated as early as possible in the search. Timely feedback regarding the information, candidates and other recommendations submitted is also important. This will allow you to promptly decide upon and follow-up with interviewing the most promising candidates.

The Time for a Search

We realise that your time is critical. We do the utmost to ensure that we use it productively. A normal executive search takes about 60 to 90 days to complete. The process is designed to meet your needs, so a step-by-step timetable is jointly developed with you in the early stages of the recruitment process. Some searches are completed on shorter timetables when very close coordination with the client is experienced. Various searches may require a longer time period if decision makers are not available to conduct the interview process in a timely manner.

Follow up

After the search is completed, our search consultants will continue to follow-up with you and your new employee. This insures that any questions or concerns are handled before a problem becomes an issue.